Ether-1 Council Multisig Wallet

Ether-1: #DecentralizeEverything


  • The wallet is currently funded monthly directly from the dev fund wallet. During a future fork, the funding will be finalized to be part of consensus as agreed upon by the Provisional Council.

  • Using the Ether-1 Council Multi-signature Wallet requires 4 of the 7 council members' approval.

  • All ETHO transactions from the multisig wallet require ECP backing. ECP's are well defined proposals, initiated and voted in the Ether-1 Council weekly meetings.

  • All community members are encouraged to actively follow audit the Ether-1 funding and governance systems.

Using Ether-1 Multisig Wallet

Displaying Multisig Wallet

Navigate to

On the top-left side of the screen, go to Wallets, click Add, indicate Restore & paste wallet


Adding Ether-1 Provisional Council Member Names

After adding the multisig to your wallet display, click on its name

You will see a list of 7 owners, expand it and Edit them as shown below

Provisional Council Member Name

Member Multisig Wallet

@Bigpiggy01 (Raptoreum) (ID: 443443175802273833)


@CableGod | Ether-1 (ID: 140537599604424704)


@Dylie of $ETHO (ID: 215055968298467329)


@Crypto_Saiyan of $ETHO Aug’18 (ID: 443360969373122561)


@HashRatez (ID: 443955395233447936)


@Pistol of $ETHO (ID: 378374529707278347)


@Exlo | Ether-1#2873 (ID: 404957413796478976)


Auditing Multisig Wallet

After adding all the council members' names you will be able to see who approved which transaction.

All official transactions are also documented here to ease of review

Auditing Multisig Transactions