Ether-1 Democratic Council

Ether-1: #DecentralizeEverything


The first Ether-1 democratically elected council was elected by a Discord vote by and from trusted community members (see picture below). The purpose of the Ether-1 Provisional Council is to give structure and maturity to the the Ether-1 funding and development processes. The ultimate goal of the Provisional Council within 2020 is to establish a set of mature processes and procedures for stable planning, development and governance as well as a document exalting the values of Ether-1 that all community members agree to abide by in spirit.

Ether-1 Provisional Council Election Results

Ether-1 Provisional Council Members

The Ether-1 Council members are currently all active on the community's primary Discord server.

Current Ether-1 Provisional Council Members (as of 2020-08-12)

@Bigpiggy01 (Raptoreum) (ID: 443443175802273833) @CableGod | Ether-1 (ID: 140537599604424704) @Dylie of $ETHO (ID: 215055968298467329) @HashRatez (ID: 443955395233447936) @Pistol of $ETHO (ID: 378374529707278347) @Exlo | Ether-1 (ID: 404957413796478976) @Crypto_Saiyan of $ETHO Aug’18 (ID: 443360969373122561)

All official council members will have the Ether-1 Council role assigned.

Ether-1 Council Discord Role


  • 2020-08-12-- @Exlo | Ether-1 (ID: 404957413796478976) elected to council, running unopposed

  • 2020-08-06 -- @Primate of $ETHO (ID: 393479955956367370) steps down from council

  • 2020-03-08 -- @Crypto_Saiyan of $ETHO Aug’18 (ID: 443360969373122561) elected to council, running unopposed

  • 2020-02-28 -- @Goose (ID: 112626949028904960) steps down from council

Goose resignation letter
  • 2020-01-24 -- First provisional council elected

Council Election Results

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